5 Tips on How You Can Support Emotional Needs of Senior Loved One


The status of your senior loved one’s emotional health cannot be underestimated. When their emotional needs are unmet, they experience loneliness, depression, or even physical complication.

As their family member, your relationship can be a crucial factor on meeting their emotional needs. As a provider of home health care in Northern Virginia, we share the following tips on how you can show support for your senior loved one.

  1. Accompany them in social gatherings

    Find out any available social gatherings for seniors in your community, neighborhood, or church. This will be a great opportunity for the senior person to meet new acquaintances and friends. Having to meet new people can keep them from being isolated, and enhances their social skills. Also, new connections can help them find fresh ways to develop a hobby or establish a support group.

  2. Help them utilize mobile devices

    With the boom of the Internet, help your loved one to make use of technology. Find senior-friendly mobile phone applications that can help them connect with friends and loved ones from other places. But make sure that you also protect them from online scams which are widespread today.

  3. Talk and eat with them

    Your home can be an empty nest with all grownup kids moving to other states for work or new family. This emptiness can be quite an emotional transition for your parents. Loneliness will be an easy visitor in these times. Take time to visit them. Talk with them and even dine with them. These simple gestures are already comforting to their aching heart.

  4. Provide companionship

    Whether your senior loved one is staying with you or not, you know you can’t be around for them 100 percent of the time. This is the beauty of having reputable companions who provide home health care in Prince William County. These are well-trained personnel who know how to serve and care for your aging parent in a way that meets their emotional needs as well.

  5. Do their hobby with them

    Having someone to tend the garden with, or cook with, can be quite a treat for anybody, especially your senior family members. While you encourage them to learn a new hobby, it would be a boost for their emotions if you can appreciate what they do. When you join them, they will be delighted in knowing you took the time to stay with them. That could be appreciation beyond worth.

At Humble Home Health LLC, we strive to provide the quality level of care that highlights the dignity and health needs of your family member. We have experienced and skilled staff who are able to assess if the emotional responses of your loved one would need professional intervention or not. When you need this type of services, contact us. We would love to meet with you in a free assessment of your home health needs.

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