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Managing Chronic Conditions: Helpful Tips for Family Caregivers

Chronic illness is understood as a physical condition that affects a person’s quality of life and normal bodily functions for a long period of time, the minimum of one month. As nature would have it, chronic conditions increase as the person’s age also increases. Hence, many of our senior loved ones are going through multiple … Continue reading

What Can You Do To Reduce Stress?

Stress is a problem that we deal with every single day of our lives. We stress out on just about anything. We worry about the weather, finances, chores, health, and just about everything else under the moon. So is it possible to relieve stress, even though we have so many different sources of stress to … Continue reading

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Are You Spending Too Much Time Indoors?

As we get older, we may find ourselves spending more time in the house. However, could we be spending too much time? There is nothing wrong with relaxing but if you begin living a sedentary lifestyle, this could lead to a number of health issues. So what are signs that it is time to get … Continue reading

Top Risks of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common health condition among seniors. Also called as hypertension, high blood pressure is considered as a silent killer because anytime, it can attack a person rendering them to paralysis or fatality. This health condition can be managed through a healthy lifestyle, of course, with assistance from healthcare providers. As providers … Continue reading