Breakfast Can Make Your Day, Let Our CNAs Help You Achieve It


Our parents have said it to us countless times and so have their parents before them: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But for many families that have to beat the morning rush, breakfast can often be skipped or delayed to meet school and work schedules. For some families who live with their senior loved ones, breakfast can often be prepared the night before for the senior to heat or prepare the next day.

Meal preparation is one of the care services that are certified nursing aides are capable of securing for senior clients. With our Home Health care in Northern Virginia, more and more seniors now get to enjoy breakfast with their arranged weekly or daily meal plans depending on their chosen care schedules.

But to promote healthy home eating among seniors, here are 3 reasons that will make you want to never skip breakfast again:

  • Better Mental Concentration
    After a good night’s sleep, our bodies will need nourishment to be able to do the day’s activities. Starting with breakfast, you can replenish the glucose levels in your body. Glucose is an important carbohydrate that our brains need in order to function well and by having breakfast, it can kick-start your senior’s day with a better mood and better mental concentration. Eating breakfast has also been known to reduce stress levels, so ensure this good habit for your seniors through our Home health care in Prince William County.
  • Supplementing Energy Needs
    Depending on what we need to do for the day, our bodies will require different levels of energy to be able to perform needed tasks. Through our escort service, if your seniors are scheduled for a day tour at a nearby community, they may need different fruits and foods to supplement their energy needs for the day together with their medication, snacks, lunch and/or dinner (if it reaches night time). If they start off their day with a good breakfast, they will surely have good levels of energy to enjoy the day as early as they set off for their trip.
  • Overall Health
    Consider breakfast as a long-term investment on your body: the more you consistently acquire good nutrition early on in the day, the repeated habit will surely let you reap the fruits of your labor which is good overall health. The habit of eating a good breakfast reduces the chances of developing high blood pressure, obesity, and heart diseases.

For senior home care services, our Home Health Agency can provide you with certified nursing aides or licensed registered nurses who can help monitor your senior’s health at home.

If you are looking for home care assistance in Northern Virginia, please contact Humble Home Health LLC so we can provide you and your senior loved ones the care assistance that you need as soon as possible.

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