Preparing for Surgery: Things that the Doctor Needs to Know


Is your loved one scheduled for a surgical procedure? As this is a sensitive operation, adequate preparation has to be made. Your loved one’s doctor will coordinate with you closely so that the procedure will come out successfully. During the preparation stage, the doctor will have to collect vital information about the patient in order to make them ready for the surgery.

As your premier provider of Home Health care in Northern Virginia, let us share with you this set of preparatory information that you need to relay with your doctor to facilitate a successful operation.

  • Has your loved one taken pain relievers in the past?
    Anti-pain medications become a vital need after the surgery when the wounds are beginning to heal. There will be pains, naturally, but these should be managed with the help of medications. Doctors will need to know what pain relievers have been taken in the past so that they can evaluate the level of pain your loved one is able to handle.
  • Does your loved one manifest any negative reaction to pain relievers?
    It’s also important for doctors to find out if your loved one has a bad story on pain relievers, and if there are, were they caused by allergic reactions. When these pain medications are identified, the doctor can prescribe other treatments that don’t contain similar ingredients so that the reaction will be different.
  • Were there pain relievers that did not work?
    Similarly, the physician must also know what pain relievers did not have any effect on your loved one so they can avoid prescribing those. You would not want to treat pain with something that doesn’t work, right?
  • How long is your loved one’s pain tolerance?
    While a surgical procedure is basically painless because of anesthesia, this medicine will expire eventually. When it does, the pain will ensue, which can affect the patient’s recovery period. However, when the doctor has sufficient knowledge about your loved one’s tolerance, they can prescribe the adequate amount of pain reliever.
  • Has your beloved been complaining of any pains prior to surgery?
    If your loved one is undergoing some kinds of pain before the surgical operation, the schedule might be moved to another date. It is vital that your loved one is in their best condition, as much as possible, before the surgery can be performed. However, this is not always the case as some surgical procedures are performed in emergency and already-painful situations.

Don’t let the preparation affect your readiness for the surgery. Help your loved one to look ahead for the recovery period, which they can enjoy at home. For home recovery, our team giving health care in Prince William County is able to provide assistance to your family member. We have skilled carers who will take charge of cleaning the wound and monitoring their pain treatments as the doctor instructed. If you wish to get our services in advance, set an appointment with us at Humble Home Health LLC.

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