Top Risks of High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is a common health condition among seniors. Also called as hypertension, high blood pressure is considered as a silent killer because anytime, it can attack a person rendering them to paralysis or fatality. This health condition can be managed through a healthy lifestyle, of course, with assistance from healthcare providers.

As providers of Home Health Care in Northern Virginia, we would like to impart this quick list on the risk factors of high blood pressure. We believe that a big part of health management is information. When we know the risks of a particular illness, we will be more alert in keeping our health in check.

  • Age

    As a person grows older, their risk for high blood pressure also increases. In fact, the senior years can put a person at risk of so many other illnesses. The reason is that old age has diminished the strength of the immune system of the body. So, when an illness strikes, it would take longer for them to heal. Sometimes, healing is even no longer possible.

  • Family

    High blood pressure also runs in the family. When your parents have it, you have more chances of acquiring the illness as well. If you have this health condition running in your family, establish preventive measures for yourself. Engage in an active lifestyle. Be mindful of your nutrition contents. Learn further preventive ways to help preserve you from the illness.

  • Weight

    Having excess weight can also put you at risk for high blood pressure. With more weight, your body will work harder in distributing nutrients to the rest of the body parts. The harder the heart pumps, the stronger will be the pressure in the arteries. When this pressure accumulates, your blood pressure level will increase. If you need assistance in weight management, licensed healthcare staff from a Home Health Agency can work this out with you.

  • Smoking habit

    Smoking cigarettes can do a lot of harm to your body. The tobacco contents can trigger the increase of your blood pressure reading temporarily. Aside from that, the tobacco chemicals can also thin down the artery walls, resulting in blood pumping complications.

  • Diet

    A bad diet can also result in high blood pressure. In particular, having too much sodium in your meals can increase the fluid content in the blood, resulting in increased pressure. Also, if you have too little potassium, you can accumulate more sodium in the blood. What you take to your body can either manage or worsen your blood pressure level.

At Humble Home Health LLC, we have skilled nurses and home health aides who can help assist your loved one’s health needs at home. If you need to provide medication management to a family member with high blood issues, let us help you. Set an appointment with us so we can assess your family member’s health needs.

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